6 Must Have Plugins for Bloggers!

6 Must Have Plugins for Bloggers!

Team Armentum / 2 months ago


WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms out there for bloggers to start writing. But despite offering a ton of features and flexibility, there is a lot of functionality missing from WordPress, and it can be easily addressed by using a few plugins. Some of these plugins maybe free, and some may be paid, but what’s unmistakable is that these plugins help bloggers to get the desired results from their blogs.

With more than 29,000 plugins that are currently available for use, it can be really difficult for bloggers to identify the plugins that they require, but, based on your desired goal, these are the plugins that you should definitely consider before you start putting content up for your blog –


There’s absolutely nothing more annoying than clicking on a link and then having to wait for more than 10 seconds for the link to open. Patience is a rare commodity in today’s vastly digitalized world, and users are likely to dump your website if it has a slow server response time. According to Google, the optimal time for a web page to load should not be longer than two seconds. Hummingbird is a paid plugin that scans your complete website and then shows the problems that have led to the website being slow, and then recommends fixes for the problems. Hummingbird also minifies, compresses and merges.

Yoast SEO:

The entire point of writing blogs is to reach out to new people who might enjoy our content, and SEO is a very significant part of gaining traction for your blog posts. Search Engines will not be able to find blogs that do not use SEO tools as they won’t be ranking on the targeted keywords. Yoast SEO is the most complete SEO plugin that exists today. It incorporates everything from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis functionality that helps optimize the pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between. Bot premium and free version of this plugin are available.

Google Analyticator:

Once you’ve successfully established your blog and now you’re ready to earn some money out of it, how do you track the number of people that are visiting your site on a daily basis? Google Analyticator is a straightforward plugin that allows bloggers to easily add Google Analytics code and gives them an easy way of tracking users and site visits. It tells you everything you need to know about the users visiting your site, and best of all, all the data is available on your WordPress blog itself. Pretty convenient, no?


With the ubiquity of memes and videos, writing compelling content no longer cuts it to hold user attention for long. The trick to gaining internet virality is to write content that is accompanied with images as they are now a fundamental part of writing great content, but it can be really hard to find images that are not copyrighted. This plugin allows people to add images that are not copyrighted and also handles the attribution side of things.


When you have gained a significant number of users for your blog and continue to increase site visitors, it is perhaps best if you decide to monetize your site. Asking users to sign up to your blog can be painful and most users would not even entertain the idea of subscribing to your blog, but Bloom is one of the best list building plugins out there. Bloom lets bloggers create stylish opt-in forms that can grab the attention of subscribers and can guarantee you a healthy subscriber list.


Most bloggers often take the security of their blog for granted and it’s probably the first and the biggest mistake you can make. Imagine putting hours of your time into writing, creating, and drafting blog posts only to be hacked and lose all your content. That really is a huge risk. VaultPress lets you backup your website content on a daily basis so that there you can almost immediately retrieve all your website content in the event of a crash.

With over 29,000 plugins available for use, a blogger may feel like s/he is inside the biggest candy shop in the world. A blogger must always be very prudent while selecting the plugins and must always keep his objectives in mind. Selecting too many plugins can slow down the website of a blogger, so no more than 6-10 plugins should be used by bloggers.