How to increase revenue of your blog

How to increase revenue of your blog

Team Armentum / 2 months ago



For people with a passion for writing, there’s absolutely nothing better than being able to produce content that people can relate to – and being able to earn a living out of it makes blogging an even more satisfying exercise. While it may seem like a pipe dream to the casual observer, but the truth is an increasing number of people have started to blog regularly and rely on it to earn money.


How do blogs earn revenue?

Blogs earn revenue via advertisements. There is no rocket science behind it. The more traffic a blog gets, the higher the chances of ads being displayed on the site. When a visitor clicks on any of the ads, the blogger gets paid for that click. A blogger has to first request Google Adsense to display ads in their blog. When the request is accepted, the blogger will get paid every time an ad is clicked on his site.


Bloggers can also make money through Affiliate Marketing. Bloggers can link a particular product on to their site and when the link is clicked and an actual purchase is made, the blogger gets paid commision on that purchase. The scope of Affiliate marketing and Advertisements is very large but is limited by the extensive use of ad blockers by users.


The reality of Revenue:

As more and more people are getting acquainted with ad blockers, it is getting increasingly difficult for bloggers to maintain a healthy income from their blog. Display of ads are completely deactivated when a user visits a blog and therefore bloggers don’t make any money for traffic that comes through from laptops or PC’s equipped with Ad Blockers.


While writing certainly liberates people, but plummeting incomes can act as a deterrent for creative people to put their content up for others to read. Despite much self-deception, the ultimate outcome that anyone expects from any work, whether consciously or unconsciously, is monetary compensation – the bereft of which can lead people to bankruptcy.


What is the solution to this problem?

When you run into a problem, instead of shaking your head and being overcome with an overwhelming feeling of self-pity, the best thing to do is usually look for a solution. And as with any problem, the solution to this crisis is simpler than previously thought. With the ubiquity of mobile phones completely obliterating that of laptops and PC’s, it is perhaps time for bloggers to start pondering the possibility of going mobile.


Converting your WordPress blog into a mobile app has unrivalled benefits, and it’s perhaps time we took a holistic look at each one of them –


More Revenue:

The purpose of placing ads on a blog is to get more revenue, and the only purpose ad blockers serve is to help bankers laugh at your income. There’s no tangible way of blocking ads on mobile apps as of now, and converting your blog to a mobile app is a dead certain way to increase your revenue.


More Engagement:

With a mobile app, you’ll be able to send notifications to your readers as soon as a new blog post is published, thereby driving further engagement with your readers. This will help to re-engage readers who have become dormant over the years.


More Handy:

Mobile phones are much handier than laptops and PCs. You can literally carry a phone anywhere. The small size of a phone makes it much easier for people to access content on the go as compared to being static with a PC.


Better Value Proposition: The reason why we have a mobile app for everything these days is because it offers a better value proposition to users than a website. So why not have a mobile app for your blog as well? It will offer much more value to your readers to access your content on an app than having to go through your website.